Friday, November 9, 2007

2007 Grand Prix Finals - Round 1

I am not going to comment too heavily on the Grand Prix games while the tournament is in progress as the pairings are known and I may inadvertently provide hints to weaknesses.

Group A

Khedkar - Gentes 1- F
Kevin did not appear.

Sam Lipnowski - Boron DRAW
A lot of manoeuvring; Black was better when the draw was agreed.

Group B

Silva - Pottinger

Observing this game, I thought 28, f4 would just win, but it is tricky as Black gets 3 pawns for his Knight. Silva played differently and eventually won. Unfortunately, the game score gets undreadable just as an interesting ending occurs. If either player has a proper game score, please submit it to Alex Nikouline.

Lauritson - Van Wyk 0-1
According to the my engine, White would have had a large advantage if he would have played 19.Nxc6+. 23. Rc7 was a big mistake that left pieces hanging all over.

Group C

Liu - Gannon 1-0
Weixi executes a nice minority attack.

Wiebe - Booth 1-0
Kevin uncharacteristically blunders a full bishop.

Group D

"Tank" Gibbons - Saul Magnusson 1-0
Lorne hung onto a sacrificed pawn and played a nice game to bring home the point.

Gibson - Aaron Green 0-1
Aaron quietly transitioned to a won K and pawns ending.

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