Friday, December 7, 2007

Mike Shpan Memorial Round 5

Les is more (likely to win the tournament than any one else !)

Fromme- Les Mundwiler 0-1

I must confess that originally I didn't know what was going on in this game. 25 moves and White's queenside is still undeveloped.

The turning point may have come after 25...Bf5

White played 26. Ne1, but 26. a5 is very interesting with variations where White is probably not worse.
28...Re6! is a nice move, "sacrificing" a knight, to build a mating net, and/or win the exchange. Nice finish by Les.

Schulz - Kaptsan 1-0

Kaptsan trotted out the Blumenfeld gambit, but never got counterplay.

Atem - Jim Green 0-1

I didn't like the maneuovre 18...Nd3 and 19..Nc5, trading a good knight for a knight on the rim, and ending up with weak c and b pawns.

Greenberg - Kernetsky 1-0

White converted his space advantage into material gain.

Crawford - Kong 0-1

They shoot horses, don't they ? White's knight on the rim had no way back.

Wood - Hanrahan 0-1

When I looked at this game, I liked 25. h5+, followed by Qf5+ and Bxh6. See the Exclam ! blog for full notes from Nigel. White had an absolutely won game, but couldn't find 30. Rf7. One of those games where the winner did nothing and won !

Campbell - Trueman 1-0

They shoot horses don't they, part 2. Francis dropped a knight.

Leor Wasserman - John Weirda 0-1

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