Thursday, January 22, 2009

January TNT Round 1

K. Einarsson (1690) - L. Mundwiler (1997), 0-1
Black grabs more and more space; White tries a desperate attack that is easily defended.

M. Kernetsky (1979) - C. Goodman (1646), 1-0
Black inadequately prepares 17...c5 and his game quickly falls apart.

R. Swift (1612) - J. Lauritson (1957), 1-0
Black had problems finding squares for his dark-squared bishop.
19...Rad8 gives White a chance at a shot...

20. Nf6+ gxf6 (20... Bxf6 21. gxf6; 20...Kh8 21. Nd5) 21. gxf6 Bxf6 22. Bxf6 Nxf6 23. Qg5 Kh8 and winning, but White played 20. Qe3.
It looks like Black's last chance at survival was 25...Rfe8.
A nice game by Ryne over his much higher rated opponent.

D. Wiebe (1839) - S. Lipic (1606), 1-0
Black loses a pawn to a simple intermezzo. Just wondering if Black actually resigned at move 24, a pawn down in the rook ending.

F. Milord (1584) - A. Green (1776), 0-1
29. hxg6 is a mistake that loses the game for White. He is slightly better until then.

J. Green (1773) - F. Trueman (1566), 1-0
Black flagged in a easily won position.

B. Evans (1537) - H. Greenberg (1768), draw
13. Ne4 would have created major problems for Black.

K. Czarny (1710) - R. Ott (1426), 1-0
Black starts an interesting king hunt with 21...Rxf2.
White's king travels from g1 to d6, then finds safety on a3. Black missed playing 25...Qg2+ 26. Bf3 Qxg3 and the attack likely works.
After the game's 27...Qf7+ my silicon beast says it is a mate in 5.

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