Friday, May 22, 2009

May 2009 TNT Round 2

Lipnowski - Boron 1-0
I misplayed the opening, swapping off too many pieces. Even so, I had chances to draw if I do nothing instead of playing Nh4. White is able to blow open the kingside and it is soon over.

Kernetsky - Nikouline 0-1
White is never worse until he blunders with 35.Nd5 - apparently he thought it was check, according to Alex. 35.Ne4 instead should win.

Czypinski- Schulz 1-0
White had this under control from start to finish. White was about to grind the endgame when he gets an unexpected bonus, winning a critical pawn with a small tactic.

Kaptsan-Lauritson 1-0
Note that White could have played the winning Bb4 five moves earlier than he did, at move 19.

Mundwiler-Arie Wasserman 0-1
White has a large advantage and could have pressed with 23. d5, but appears to the lose the thread with 23.e5. Black eventually emerges with a winnable endgame aided by White's time trouble.

Vincent- Leah Green 1-0
Leah joins a long list of players who have been crunched by Trevor's English Opening.

Aaron Green - Greenberg 1-0
13...Rc5 was asking for trouble - and it soon found Black who lost an exchange.

Dawa - Pottinger 1-0
Black was under pressure the entire game. I am not sure how it ended as the game score is missing the last 8 moves.

Keer - Jim Green 0-1
White was doing fine until he failed to move his valuable passer to a7 on move 45 or 46.
Black could only hope to draw from that position.

Leor Wasserman - Rutter 1-0
Was Blair Rutter playing Black ? I did a double take when I saw 1...e5 in response to 1.e4. I have never noted him playing anything but the French. And then he dropped a piece uncharacteristically.

Trueman-Lipic 0-1
23. g4 is a position error, ceding the f4 square. But after a sacrifices and counter-sacrifices by both sides, the position is close to being dynamically equal when White blunders in time trouble.
Black had better (as he admits), but decidedto complicate things with his last knight sac.

Campbell-Ott DRAW
A couple of improvements: 18. O-O-O; 27...Rc3, and in the final position, Black must be winning..
41...Rg4 followed by an eventual Rc2.

Menard -Letain 0-1
15.Be2 is preferred to 15. Be4. The bishop gets kicked around until Black wins the c-pawn and converts the endgame.

Milord-Gibbons 1-0
Lorne is holding until he goes on one of his patented ill-advised king-walks.

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Unknown said...

In Trueman - Lipic, after 38...Rg1, the position is still favourable for Black, although after long analysis by my assistant, Fritz 10, there doesn't appear to be a conclusive method of pressing the advantage.

This was a delightfully complicated position, however.

38...Rf1 would have given White the slight advantage, although it is doubtful that even with best play either side should expect to garner a win.