Monday, July 20, 2009

Manitobans at Canadian Open - Round 9

Final Scores

FM Kevin Gentes 5.5
Aron Kaptsan 5.0
Anthony Boron 5.0
Paolo Araullo 4.5
Ken Einarsson 4.5
Marlon Araullo 4.5
Aaron Green 4.0
Clifford Goodman 4.0
Jim Green 3.5
Philip Santileces 3.5 (he is listed as Winnipeg, but I personally do not know him)
Saul Magnusson 3.0
Leah Green .5

This shows you the injustice that can be dealt to those finishing in the middle of the pack in the Swiss system in an Open. Paolo played very, very strong competition, while I played no one above my rating (although Sillador will have a high rating) and I had a zero point bye. The contrast also applies to me and Aron. Apparently I caught a piece of 4th-5th in U2000 - at least an 11 player tie - perhaps enought to cover my LRT fares and a few Timmies.

Update: Someone (anonymous) has indicated that Marlon tied for first in U1600. Congratulations !

Update: Ken Einarsson tells me he tied for a money placing in the U1800 - Congratulations !

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Anonymous said...

Marlon Araullo tied for first at 1600 category