Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recording of game scores - repost by request

 Reposted by request -

As many of you know, the game scores of virtually all standard time control games are available in pgn format at the website. This is a great tradition, which requires the cooperation of the players handing in legible scoresheets and volunteers entering the games.
Some players enter their own games and email the pgn file to me or whomever is 'responsible' for the game file.

With the high participation figures at the TNTs this year and the Yanofsky coming up, I am asking on behalf of current and future pgn compilers that the players help out a bit if they can by submitting their games when they are able. For those familiar with programs such as ChessBase or Chess Assistant this is likely not a problem. For others, the following is a relatively simple tool I found:
note: it may be sluggish on some older systems

One can enter a game, "save" and then cut and paste the results into an email.
There are some instructions in the upper right of the page referenced above.

Give it a try and email the results to
Don't worry about details for the header - the names of the two players is enough.


Unknown said...

If we include annotations are you going to start posting those too?

Chess Manitoba said...

Why not !
The user could always strip them out if they wish.