Sunday, November 8, 2009

2009 Manitoba Senior

Five players contested the inaugural Manitoba Senior Chess Championship.

Aaron Kaptsan, John Wierda, Gary Campbell, Andy Kohalmi, Lorne Gibbons.

Round 1 saw Campbell hold Kaptsan to a draw, and Kohalmi flagging in a won ending against Wierda.
Kaptsan - Campbell


Round 2 saw rating favorite Kaptsan on Board 1 defeat Wierda in what turned out to be the pivotal game of the tournament.

Round 3 saw Wierda with the bye - and pairings Gibbons-Kaptsan and Campbell-Kohalmi both had Black winning.

Round 4 pairings Wierda-Gibbons and Kaptsan-Kohalmi, had both rating favorites win.

The result is that Aron Kaptsan is the 2009 Senior Chess Champion of Manitoba at the young age of 80.

TD Tony Boron congratulates Aron Kaptsan

Other prizes:
2nd place - John Wierda

Top over 75 - Andy Kohalmi

Top over 65 - Gary Campbell
Top D - Lorne (Camera Shy) Gibbons

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Roman said...

Congratulations to Aaron! I was hoping he would win :)