Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions / Goals

Anyone so bold to publicly state their 2010 chess goals ?
I'll start with a couple -
1. To achieve 2100 CFC rating
2. To organize FIDE rated tournaments resulting in at least 8 new FIDE rated players for Manitoba.


Steven de Groot said...

Sure, I'll join in. When I first started playing, 1800 was my rating goal. Time for a new goal.

Goal 1:1900 rating
Goal 2:Score at least +0 in the open section of the AY.

Zug said...

1. a clear 1st TNT victory
2. To finish the year comfortably in 'A class' territory

Charles "Alpha Lackey" Mousseau said...

As it's been a long time since I played serious chess and I am a greenhorn round these parts, my goals are a bit more modest:

Goal #1: return my play up to my previous rating (~1900 CFC)
Goal #2: Play in as many tournaments and be as involved as possible in the Winnipeg chess scene.
Goal #3: Score a 200+ point upset with one of my typical 'bad' openings.

Anonymous said...

1. Study hard like I used to. At least every 2nd day if not every.

2. Reach 2200 in either CFC or FIDE.

3. Play in at least 4 out of town tournaments.


Unknown said...

My goal was set high.

2100 rating.

I climbed 200 rating points in 2009, going from a soft 1599 to 1799.

I guess I can make a stepping stone resolution to practice, study and do everything I can to duplicate my success this coming year.

Another resolution will be to reduce the level of inconsistency in my play. No more bad moves?? Well, maybe just fewer.

I have to start converting winning positions into wins more regularly.

Anonymous said...


"you sure you don't want to try for a GM norm too steve?"