Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - December 18, 2010

from the Saturday Winnipeg Free Press
White to mate in 3 (Wurzburg)
1. Kd7 (please see some lines in the comments provided by an anonymous conttributor).


Anonymous said...

1.Kd7 Rg7+ 2.Qxg7 and 3.Qg2++ or 1...Bxh2 2.Qa8 and 3.Qxg2++

Anonymous said...

Missed some good lines:
1.Kd7 Rg4(g5,g6) 2.Bf4(e5,d6) Rh4(h5,h6) 3.Qa8++ (2...Bh2 3.Qxh2++)