Monday, August 1, 2011

Yermolinsky annotates

Kramnik - Nakamura,  Dortmund 2011
From the ICC newsletter:
Despite his margin of victory, Kramnik didn't rest on his laurels in the final round but instead went for broke against a faltering Hikaru Nakamura in an effort to again enter the "2800 club", only to see it all backfire as he turned what could have been a miserable performance for his opponent into just a bad one. Kramnik sacrificed a knight against Nakamura for the prospects of a long-term attacking initiative, only to see his opponent dig deep into his reserves of resourceful moves to keep the upper-hand that he converted for an easy win (you can see how it all unfolded in Alex Yermolinky's free Game of the Day below).
Host Game
GM Alex Yermolinsky Kramnik-Nakamura

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