Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tournament Directors Wanted

The Manitoba Chess Association is run by volunteers.  Amongst the most important volunteers are the Tournament Directors. 
The Tournament Director's main duties for a tournament are:
  1. Ensuring the tournament room is set up ready for play - 
    1.  including setup of boards, clocks, scoresheets. (often there are other players that will help with this)
  2. Taking registrations and CFC memberships.
  3. Making and posting game pairings.
  4. Recording results
  5. Ensuring a general level of decorum in the tournament room (more often than not that means telling spectators to reduce their noise level)
  6. Resolving disputes (these rarely occur)
  7. Ensuring boards, clocks, sets, etc. are put away.
  8. Returning the room to the condition before we arrived 
    1. wipe blackboard, return chairs to original positions
Most of these activities are simple.  In my estimation, only 2,3,and 6 require some experience which can be learned 'on the job'. For 3 - we use SwissSys, that automates the pairing logic.
 The other attribute required is that the TD must be dependable, ie for Tuesday Night tournaments, the TD must be at the U of W in time to get the above accomplished, typically for weeks 2,3 and 4 of any month, being in the room by 6:40 pm should be adequate.  To assist TDs, the MCA has established that parking will be reimbursed.  There is a parking lot just to the east at the corner of Ellice and Balmoral that I have been using.

If you are interested in learning to be a TD, send me, Tony Boron,  an email  - chessmanitoba at gmail dot com
The goal is to have a pool of reliable TDs to share the workload. It is quite possible that you are not interesting in performing all the tasks, but just some.  That would work also.

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