Saturday, February 8, 2014

Curt Brasket 1932-2014

Dale Gustafson called a few days ago to say 'Hi' to all his friends up north, and also to inform me of Curt Brasket's passing. I only really knew of Curt as the legendary 16-time Minnesota Champion (although I did see him last at the 2002 Governor's Cup), but some of the travelling crew from the 70s, such as Irwin Lipnowski, John Burstow, Cecil Rosner,  and Fletcher Baragar most likely had over-the-board battles with him.

I am not sure how often he played in Winnipeg, but he did play in the 2007 Canadian Open .

Sean Nagle has prepared a nice tribute to Curt.
Remembering Curt Brasket

Obituary from the Star-Tribune

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Cecil Rosner said...

Curt was a great player and a real gentleman. My most vivid memory was the Minnesota Open in 1973. I played Curt in the fourth round, and held him to a draw. It was an amazing tournament, with 112 players. I finished in a 10-way tie for first place, with Brasket, Lipnowski, Burstow, Craig Miller, John Dowling, Roger Rudolf, Norris Weaver and Kevin Toon. A 10-way tie! Brasket won on tiebreak. RIP.