Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good Luck Team Manitoba!

From: Blair Rutter, President, Manitoba Chess Association

Good Luck Team Manitoba!
The National Scholastic Chess Championship, entitled the Canadian Chess Challenge, will be played this Sunday and Monday at University College at the University of Manitoba.  Students from all 10 provinces will be competing.  Best wishes to the Manitoba team:
Grade 1:  Alex Korenbaum
Grade 2:  Tyler Huston-Earle
Grade 3:  Max Russo
Grade 4:  Joshua Huston-Earle
Grade 5:  Amirkhan Mukhamedshin
Grade 6:  Derek Ma
Grade 7:  Darian Chakhmouradian
Grade 8:  Rayan Roy
Grade 9:  Ben Mazur
Grade 10:  Ryne Swift
Grade 11:  Kevin Li
Grade 12:  Leor Wasserman

Here’s a link to follow the round-by-round results.

Blair Rutter
Manitoba Chess Association

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