Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 May 24 Sunday Quads Tournament

CFC Rated Sunday Quads Tournament
Sunday, May 24, 2015   11:00 am
Room: 5L24, University of Winnipeg

A QUAD (short for quadrangular) is simply a group of four players arranged by rating. Each player in a particular QUAD plays one game against each of the other three players. The winner is the player with the best score.

The first thing The Tournament Director will do is to sort the players in order of their CFC ratings.
Then the players are broken into groups of four.  The lowest grouping may have more than 4 players - this section will be run as a Swiss.

In each Quad Group - the pairings will be something like this:
White* Black*
Round 1
1 vs 4
2 vs 3
Round 2
3 vs 1
4 vs 2

Round 3
1 vs 2
4 vs 3

*Colours in the third round are determined by coin toss/computer

Each 4-player section is a separate event for pairing purposes. (There will be no prizes for this event)
Time Control:  Game / 50 + 10 second increment

Entry Fee: $ 4  (to cover CFC rating fees)
Approximate Round times - (Rounds will commence immediately at the end of the previous round)
Round 1: 11:00 am
Round 2: 1:00 pm
Round 3: 3:00 pm

All players in the tournament must also be Chess Federation of Canada members.
CFC Membership information:
(membership can be purchased at the tournament site)
Former/returning members:
$ 20 for a one-tournament membership or $ 49 for 12 months,
Juniors – one tournament membership $ 10, $34 for 12 months.
New members pay only $ 16 for a one-tournament membership or $ 36 for 12
months, Juniors - one tournament membership $ 10, $24 for 12 months.

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