Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 AY and Winnipeg Opens have been rated by FIDE.

Easy come, easy go; I gained 10 points in the Winnipeg Open, and lost 10 in the AY.

Winnipeg Open changes:

  Baron, Gustav L 35
  Wasserman, Leor  44
  Boron, Anthony 10
  Schulz, Waldemar -8
  Babb, Jeff  -11
  Atem, James  4
  Bince, Rolando -45
  Green, Jim 8

AY changes:

  Gentes, Kevin 14
  Kaptsan, Aron 5
  Bince, Rolando 14
  Atem, James -4
  Moncal, Nilo -22
  Baron, Gustav L 6
  Boron, Anthony -10
  Babb, Jeff -6

A few other players may have received their first FIDE ratings - it used to be that 9 games were needed against FIDE rating opponents, plus some performance minimums, but now it appears that only 5 or 6 games are required.  I will be posting the FIDE ratings later.

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