Wednesday, March 9, 2016

2016 Gibraltar Challengers A - Round 3

This would prove to be a frustrating day.

Round 3 of the Challengers A.  My opponent is Richard Bryant (1961) of England  - a spry 68 year-old.
After suffering as Black for first 37 moves (and surviving a win for White on move 29 that I saw as soon as I moved, but fortunately my opponent did not), I finally equalized.

 I moved my white-square bishop for the first time on move 39. Then I moved it back to c8 on move 43, oblivious to the fact that White could pin it. Eventually I had to give up the bishop for a passed pawn, and couldn't hold what I briefly thought was a potential fortress.  Briefly, as we were both in big time trouble. And we didn't record that stage of the game. The increment in the Challengers was only 10 seconds.

My opponent finished with 3 points and won 250 Pounds for a tie for best relative performance U2000.

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