Monday, June 6, 2016

Strange Coincidence - Nine Years in the making - Korchnoi and Ali

I was just informed that former World Championship contender Viktor Korchnoi has passed away.

In June 2007, I traveled to Las Vegas to attend the National Open Chess Tournament (I played in all since then, except 2011, and will pass on this year).  I can't recall if I knew Viktor Korchnoi was going to be playing, but there he was, on the stage at the Riviera.

Korchnoi - Gurevich - National Open - Las Vegas 2007

Petra, Korchnoi's companion, in pink

That's the scowl we'll remember !
I started this blog in late 2007, so I did not publish anything about that trip.  Searching for the pictures that I took,I realized I had forgotten that I also had a picture taken with "Ali" at a Madame Tussaud's display

Rest in peace, warriors !

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JG said...

Nice piece Tony....Not sure which is the wax dummy in the last picture though lol!

Both Korchnoi and Ali were personal heroes of mine back in the day . Talk about overcoming long odds in life and succeeding by sheer willpower and talent (derived , in part at least, from hard work ).