Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October TNT Round 3

Oberton - Mundwiler 0-1

Les continues to mesmerize his opponents with a unique brand of chess. Les sacrificied a tempo on moves 2-3. Young Daniel gave back a few tempii with 9. Ne2 and 11. Kh1 and suddenly Black looks good. The positioning of the N on e2 eventually led to a loss of a piece.

Van Wyk - Rutter 1-0

Blair errs with 7...Bf5 and has to find near only moves to survive. But the positional concessions are too much as Joseph exploits the opportunities with accuracy.

Khedkar - Liu 0-1

Jay dropped a piece after dropping a pawn. I can only guess he missed something.

Kong - Daniel Wiebe 1-0

I had a feeling that Daniel went wrong somewhere, but I couldn't verify my thoughts without silicon help.

After 31. Bd4

the computer likes 31...Kc8, but that is not a move a human is likely to play.

After a few more moves in the game the following position arose after 33. Bb6

Black can put the white Queen in jail with Bb8.
It turns out that Black can sac the exchange and likely obtain at least a draw.

Jim Green - Czypinski 0-1

I wish I had looked at this game before playing in Fargo. More on that later.

Greenberg - Wierda DRAW

Harley had a great position after 17...Ba3

But for some reason he rejected 18. Rxb7 which wins at least an exchange, and played 18. Qd4 instead. Later, Harley blundered a rook, but hung on for a draw which I can only conclude was due to John's time trouble (?).

Gibson - Huynh 1-0

Black won a pawn, and lost the game in this miniature.


Nigel Hanrahan said...

I've tried to insert a diagram using the chess board diagram generator below ... with no success.


Chess Manitoba said...

If you have anything interesting (ie deserving a diagram, send me an email at chessmanitoba@gmail.com and I will check it out.
I didn't intend for the blog to be exhaustive, but just to show some interesting chess.

Alternatively, you could set up your own blog and go wild !

By the way, all this chess diagram generator stuff is a kludge. If one has a program such a Snag-it or SPX (which I use) you simply select a frame of anything and voila you have a gif or jpeg. I suspect there may be free versions of these toyes of programs.