Saturday, October 6, 2007

October TNT Round 1

Atem - Mundwiler 0-1

Mundwiler's essayed a strange "Modern" (to my eyes), and soon was in big trouble.

After 12...Nfg4

13. Nxe6 or 13. Bxg4 followed by 14. Nxe6 is crushing.

But Atem played 13.hg6. Les got his vulnerable knight out of the way with 13...Nxe3 and went on to win the game.

Van Wyk - Wiebe 1-0

A wild tactical melee.

Wierda - Oberton 0-1

White gave away a pawn early for no compensation.

Khedkar - Huynh 1-0

Peter couldn't find the correct defence to Jay's early threats to win the exchange.
However, he put up stubborn resistance, and this position arose later after
43. Qxc3

White is attacking c7, but white's king is in a bit of danger. Also the black Q indirectly covers c7. So 43...Ne4 suggest itself as a good practical chance. 44. Rxe4 is virtually forced and black may be able to hold the ending. Peter played the same idea, but interposed the unnecessary 43. Qxg1 + and lost the critical c7 pawn and resigned on move 48.

Reimer - Liu

Not a positional masterpiece.

Black has just played 22...Nxg3.
Of course the knight is untouchable, but does white have a good double threat move ?
Well. there is a triple threat move ...23. Qb3...this forces 23...Ne2+ 24. Rxe2 and if 24...Qxe2
25. Qxb7 and Black is in deep, deep trouble. If 24...Bd5 25. Qg3 threatening mate and white is just a piece up.

Gibson - Czypinski 0-1

Even game until white blundered a rook.

Saul Magnusson - Silva 0-1

White saved a pawn but gave up a mate with 34. Qg3

Bruce was one square away from finding the right idea, but played 23. Qc4 and soon lost.

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