Monday, January 21, 2008

A look at the games from the Kent Oliver Memorial

Round 2
Turning points

Liu - Lipnowski DRAW
Weixi held his much higher opponent to draw quite easily.

Atem - Kaptsan 0-1
James blundered a piece when he was at least equal

Greenberg - Prince 0-1
White had to play 21.fe3 with a good game. He was still ok until he missed 27. Qf7

Deslarlais - Gannon 0-1
Going through this without the computer I think I spotted about 6 real good puzzle positions, all with White to win. I'll get back to this game later. [Well, I guess that shows you how sharp I was in early February - I was wrong, wrong, wrong.] But 21. Bc5 removing the defender of d8 is strong.

Remillard - L. Gibbons 1-0
White missed 17.Rxd5 and Black appears to have resigned prematurely at move 20.

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