Monday, January 28, 2008

A look at the games from the Kent Oliver Memorial

Final Round

Prince-Lipnowski 0-1
When the zug didn't zwischen. White's 14. Be3 was met with a nasty surprise.

Remillard - Nikouline 0-1
White dropped a pawn for nothing on move 16, and a second pawn a few moves later.

Kaptsan - Liu 1-0
Black "castled into it".

Bince - Khedkar 1-0
White missed an early chance; 8. Ng5 would have been hard to meet.
Black did not play 22. ... Nxa4 with a large advantage ? or 23...Rxd1 and Nxe4. Time trouble ?
Even 33. Nh5 is strange when Qb8+ mates in 1. Perhaps there is a game score error.

Einarsson - Atem DRAW
White missed playing 25. f3 with good prospects. The players played the Q and pawn ending accurately.

Greenberg - Rutter DRAW
White had an advantage all game until 20.d5 and soon the draw was agreed.

Crawford - Jim Green 0-1
White made a serious unforced error in a dynamically equal position.

Goodman - Gannon 0-1
I thought White had to try something like 26. exf5 to clarify the position (and not lose a pawn), and at 28. White to try cxb6 or cxd6, but I guess Black's Qe4+ looked scary. And at 30. White has to try cxb6 or cxd6 and hope for a mistake by Black. Desperate times call for desperate actions.

Letain - Gibbons 1-0
Black had to try 12...Ne5 or more importantly 15...f6

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