Thursday, February 28, 2008

January TNT Round 2

January TNT Round 2
Cleto - Mundwiler 0-1
White got nothing for his novel gambit; Les held and played flawlessly to reduce down to a won endgame. Les provided some notes to this game - check it out.

Lauritson -Liu 1-0
White ended up with a passed pawn on d6 ; Weixio resigned rather than be tortured any further.

Greenberg - Tang DRAW

An unusual opening featuring an early White knight tour resulting in a materially equal middlegame where White is likely better.

Kernetsky -Atem 0-1
I don't understand how White does not win this after something like 31. or 32. Qxh5

Lipnowski - Deng 1-0
White got an early advantage and converted easily.

Wierda - Silva 0-1
White's problems started when he "fianchettoed" his knight at b2.

Letain - Wood 0-1
White lost a piece for a pawn early.

Aaron Green - Magnusson 1-0
Did Black miss 33...Nf3+ with a large advantage, or is there a problem with the game score ?
Later Black played the wrong knight to a5 on move 41, and dropped a critical pawn.

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