Thursday, February 28, 2008

January TNT Round 3

January TNT Round 3

Mundwiler-Lauritson 0-1
White got a cramped position as Black established a bind on the white squares. White's prices were overburdened covering the weakness on both flanks and Black broke through.

Atem-Lipnowski 0-1
Sam had no trouble converting the pawn he won early with a small tactic.

Tang - Silva 1-0
Black showed that playing the Benoni can be quite risky.
14. f4 was the beginning of White's problems.

Evans - Cleto 0-1
It is rumoured the Magnus Carlsen was inspired to the play the Alekine against Topalov after seeing this game.

Deng - Aaron Green 1-0
11...g5 was a strategic error that allowed White to open the h-file at his convenience.

Magnusson-Trueman 1-0
Black misplayed the opening and lost a piece.

Crawford-Wierda 0-1
The computer find an interesting shot 16...Rxd4 ! but it is a fairly long line.

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