Sunday, April 6, 2008

April TNT Round 1

Aaron Green - Mundwiler 0-1
Black slowly outplayed Black from near equality.

Lauritson - Arie Wasserman 1-0
White's superior development led to material gain.

Evans - Liu 0-1
White couldn't hold his isolated d pawn.

Kernetsky-Leor Wasserman 1-0

White was in some trouble after 33.Rxb8

Black played 33... Qh1+, but there is no decisive followup. 33...f4! should win, with the threat of fxg3 leading to mate. If 34. ef4 Bxd4+ 35. Be3 Bxe3+ 36. Qxe3 Qh1+ 37. Kf2 Rh2 leads to mate.

Letain - Gibson 1-0
White sacrifices a piece for a couple of pawns and a winning attack.

Kong - Mark Klusa 1-0
Kong varies from his usual 1.c4
Black should have considered 15...f5, and also 17...c4 - I give one interesting sample line in the link above. Black blunders when he grabs a pawn; when a player of Kong's caliber 'hangs' a pawn, one must take a look and see why.

Lawrence Klusa - Silva 0-1
White entered a long, forced variation with 15. f3 after which Black wins two pawns. But 15. Bg2
Rxe1+ 16. Qxe1 Bxd4 17. Rd1 appears to hold material equality.

Rumpel - Gibbons 1-0

Peter Martens - Greenberg 0-1
Black won a pawn and kept control of the position.

Xue - James Martens 1-0
Black would have fine with the natural 14...e6.

Kalk - Jim Green 0-1
Black played a classic poison-pawn blunder with 8...Qxb2 ??, but neither player realized it.

White's answer in this position should be 9.a3 and how does Black save the queen, short of sacrificing a piece ?

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