Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April TNT Round 4

Web page with light annotations for Rds 3 AND 4 here

Mundwiler - Liu DRAW

Weixi won a good pawn , but put his knight in danger with 29...Nf3 , instead of the safer 29...Ng5 intending Nf6 or cheapos with Rb2, Rxg2, Ne3+. 32...g5 looks suspicious, instead Ng5 again looks safe with a two pawn advantage. 33...g4 looks a bit strange also, and the players drew. I am going to guess that time trouble was a factor.

Wierda - Rutter 0-1
Positional maneuvering game. Black slowly grabbed more and more space.
28. Na5 does not make a good impression. Eventually, White wins a pawn but see ghosts and
plays 47. f3 which loses the knight which had made its way to c6.

Xue-Kernetsky 0-1
I think I prefer 13...ed4, but White may have compensation. 19. Ne6 is a nice idea, but doesn't accomplish anything. A little later, White misses mate on f1.

Rumpel - Jim Green DRAW
Even game right until the end.

Gibson - Evans 1-0
Black could have tried 15...Qxd6, but he ends up fine especially after White sacrifices a bishop on g7, only to falter against White's attack.

Kong - Lauritson 1-0
I am not sure of the score - as 28. Ba3 just hangs the bishop, but Black didn't take it. If Jim sees this, please let me know.

Aaron Green - Silva 0-1
White unsoundly sacs a piece, andBlack converts his advantage.

Arie Wasserman - Kalk 1-0
Black missed that his rook was en prise.

Greenberg - Lawrence Klusa 1-0
5...Be6 looks odd and as the game shows, it was not truly threatening the c4 pawn. Black is ok, however he allows White to win a rook a few moves later. He did however have a good chance of counterplay based on trapping the queen starting with 11...c6. Please see the playable file for some sample lines.

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