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Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - July 19, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - July 19, 2008 from the Winnipeg Free Press

White to mate in 3 (Dobbs)

The king currently has one move - Kxd6 and we also have to keep in mind that Black has a couple of check if White allows it.

So let's try 1. b8(Q) Rxd6+ 2. Ke7 is stalemate !
2. Kc7 Rd7 3. Kxd7 mate
2. Kc7 Rd4 3. Qe8 mate
2. Kc7 Rd8 3. Kxd8 mate

1. b8(Q) Rxd8+ 2. Kxd8 is stalemate
2. Nxd8 Kf5 and I can't mate

So that appears to be the end of 1.b8(Q)

Let's try 1. d7 Re8 2. dxe8(Q) Kd6 3. Qd4 mate but other Black moves stymie White.

I tried 1. b1(B) to try to avoid the stalemate but it is the diagonal coverage that creates the pin above, so that didn't help.

I then tried putting some (several) chess engines on it...they ALL said mate in 4 ! I contacted Cecil who indicated 1. b8(N) ! So what do the engines say now ? Oh, it's a mate in 2 after the first move ! If you have an engine that finds 1. b8(N) unprompted, let me know.

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