Monday, July 21, 2008

July TNT Round 2

Vincent - Charter 1-0
White slowly maneouvres to win a pawn. There is an interesting continuation 28...Nf5 that only a compuer could find.

Aaron Green - Lauritson DRAW
The game reduced to an opposite colour bishop ending. Aaron's results can no longer be considered upsets.

Bince - Swift 0-1

White had a strong continuation available in 13. Bc2 g6 14. Qe4 threatening the rook on a8 and 15. Qh4. And a bit later 16. Qe4 would have won material. Nontheless, White is a piece up and Black has no counterplay until he rejects 48. Bg6 in favour of 48. f5. White must must have distraught and/or in time trouble to play 53. Bxe8 when instead 53.Nb4 provides serious resistance.

Arie Wasserman - Rutter DRAW
15. c3 is a nice finesse, but he doesn't play 16.Bxd4 which wins a pawn, but he wins it a few moves later anyway. Black drops another pawn with 23... Kf7. White ends up with what may be a winning advantage in the rook and pawn ending; 29. f4 would have stopped a lot of Black's defensive chances . The ending with f and h pawns is a theoretical draw.

Kernetsky - Campbell 1-0
Black lost an exchange and had trouble drumming up counterplay.

Wiebe - Letain DRAW
8...Neg4 would have been interesting, with ideas of Nxe4.
The immediate 18...Rg6, with White's queen unable to get back to the king's defence, would have been decisive. 20...h5 would have kept up the pressure. Black settles for perpetual check, but 25...Re8 looks winning, but it is difficult to calculate to the end.

Van Wyk - Klokow 1-0
Black may have been able to hold the draw with 28...Rxd2 29. Bxd2 Rf2.
33...Rg8 also keeps the game alive

Pang- Mundwiler 0-1
White may be able to hold with accurate defence starting around move 30, but it would have been very difficult.

Mandusic - Goodman 0-1
13. b4 ?? was the critical error.

Leor Wasserman - Saudin 0-1
White missed Black's 29...Rh2+ shot. Simply 29. Bxd4 wins a pawn.

Lorne Gibbons - Trueman 0-1
The ambitious 15. Nxg6 ? gets refuted.


Anonymous said...

What about VanWyk-Klokow?

Chess Manitoba said...

If you have a game score, let me know .