Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - August 30, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - August 30, 2008 from the Winnipeg Free Press

White to move and mate in 3
Louis Rothstein

I'll try 1. Bf4+ Kxf4 2. Qxd6+ Ke3 3. Qd2# ..but 2...Kg5 and no mate
How about 1. c5 Kd4 2. Qxd6+ Kc4 3. and the K runs away.
how about 1. b3 to prevent Kc4
1. b3 Ba4 2.c5 Bxb3 3. Qxd6#
but 1...Kd4 2. Kc2 Kc5 and no mate. This is more frustrating than trying to beat Sasha Nikouline in an endgame.

As reader Zarko points out in the comments - 1. Qc7 is the move.


Zarko said...

How about Qc7?

The rook is pinned. If 1...Kd4 2.Nf3#.

If 1...Bd7 2.Kb1 B(anywhere) 3.Qg7#.

Am I missing something?

Chess Manitoba said...

You are correct, sir !