Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - September 27, 2008

White to move and mate in 3 (Jacobs)

A most unusual position.
I immediately saw a mate in 5 with

1.Qd1 axb1(Q) 2.Nc2+ Ka2 3.Nb4+ Ka1 4.Qa4+

1. Nc2+ Kxb1 2. Na3+ Ka1 obviously doesn't work.

I tried a line (which I forgot now except that the Q was mating on e4 except for the pawn on d5.
So, let's try something nonintuitive (like some of the other problems we have looked at). With the idea of Q having access to the h7-b2 diagonal.
1. Qe8
one line ...axb1(Q) 2. Nb3+ Ka2 3.Qa4#

1.Qe8 Kxc1 2. Qb3+ Ka1 3. Nb3#

so the bishop must move 1. Qe8 Bc3 2. Nb3+ Kxb1 3. Qg6#

Is that it ?

Two questions to answer. What is the difference between Qe8 and Qd7 ?
Both give access to the same diagonal even after e6. And what if Black plays the bishop to b4 and block a mate by Ba3. Because otherwise the bishop is rather useless as all the mating lines involve white squares. But that doesn't appear to be a factor.

Speaking of blocking...what if instead of axb1(Q), Black tries axb1(N) to block on a3 - I think that ruins all my efforts.

But 1. Qd7 axb1(N) 2. Nxc2+ Ka2 3. Qxd5# works !
and the other lines work with the Q going to f5 or h7 instead of g6.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Ng6+ and Qd5+ forced mate?

Anonymous said...

isn't Ng6+ and Qd5+ forced mate?

Chess Manitoba said...

Well, it would be if the board was reversed !

But by convention - White is at the bottom of the board (and the coordinates on the edge of the board also indicate this)

Anonymous said...

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You should restrict them to have a fair game at any time for all players.

Chess Manitoba said...

No assistance of any type is allowed.