Monday, October 6, 2008

September TNT Round 4

several interesting games in this round.

Bince - Lipnowski 1-0
White goes down a pawn, but finds 12. c5 was a nice move to bind up Black.
Black loses time shuffling his king, then his pieces and White wins with simple moves.

Van Wyk - Rutter DRAW
White sets up and plays 18. c5 but does not follow up with 20. cxd6 which should win easily.
21. Qd3 is also better than Qd4 as the pawn on c5 will not attack the queen.
Even so, 22. Qxf6 wins a piece. After these missed opportunities, White emerges a pawn down, but holds the draw.

Kong - Khedkar 0-1
It would appear that White lost on time in an interesting ending.

Trueman - Kernetsky 0-1
12. Re3 does not make a good impression; Black starts kicking White's pieces until he wins
material. Black missed a mate in three...
I'll let the readers find it, it's not too tough.

Pang - Aaron Green 1-0

The turning point was 18...Rxc3 ? 18...hxg6 was required and the game is still sharp with chances for both sides.
Does 20...Nxe4 21 .fe4 Bxc3 work ? No , 22. Rxh7+ Ke8 23. Qxc3

Greenberg - Ott 1-0
Black should probably play 9...dxc3. but it is not critical. But certainly 25...fe6.
27...or 28...Bxe4 looks fine.

But at the end of it all, I think Black missed a draw.

35...h6 26. h4 hxg5 27. hxg5 a5 and White can't prevent the Black king from playing Kg6 and Kxg5

Daase - Milord 0-1
Mandusic - Daniel Wiebe 0-1

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