Friday, November 7, 2008

Grand Prix - Round 1

Comments on some games:

Mundwiler - Lipnowski DRAW
Black could have won a pawn with 13...cb4 followed by Qb6+.
31.Qf2 instead of Qf3 allowed Black some activity. Black appeared to be on his way to grinding out a win, but he played 42...e4 which exposes his king. 43...ed3 is apparently winning, but Black decided to play for the perpetual.

Kernetsky - Khedkar 1-0
Black falters with 35...Bd5; Be8 may have provided some chances to hold.

Greenberg- Green 0-1
White sacs a pawn with 13. f4, Black gives up the exchange, and then
I don't know what is going on. Apparently 26. Qd2 gives White chances to hold.

Evans - Wasserman
25...Bf8 is a mistake, but it is not obvious. White should respond with 26. Ne5 and
White looks like he has a dangerous initiative. White later allows a rook exchange; it is doubtful if he can hold the pawn endgame.

Wiebe - Aaron Green
White finds 29. e6 which should be good enough to grind out a win, but uncharacteristically misses 34. Rxe7+ and then blunders back the exchange with 35. Rd3.
Black returns the favour with 38...Nc3 when instead 38...gxf5 apparently forces a passer.

Swift - Leor Wasserman DRAW
17...c4 is a bit curious when the natural 18...d4 is available, however his idea was to get the knight to e4 via c5.

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