Sunday, November 30, 2008

Robert Wade 1921-2008

TWIC reports that Bob Wade, International Master, arbiter, journalist, coach, organiser, writer, editor, chess archivist, friend to chess , died 29th November 2008 at 3am from pneumonia.

Hugh Brodie, at chesstalk has compiled a list of his connections to Canada.

Although he was a Kiwi/Brit, I will add that he played 2nd board for Manitoba in the "Manitoba-Minnesota match" of September 3, 1947 !

Wade travelled with Abe Yanofsky to several tournaments in that era and often joined with him in holding tandem simuls. John Enns, at this year's AY, told that he was present for this or a similar exhibition (I recall we spoke about a tandem, but I can't recall if Wade was involved). I also recall Jack Woodbury mentioning Wade.

Some wonderful tributes here

Audio with Speelman and Pein below:

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