Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 2009 TNT Round 1

Babb - Wasserman 1-0
Black get in big trouble after 6...Nc6

Czarny-Kaptsan 0-1
White is doing fine after 30 moves, but gives up the critical d3 pawn after which Black infiltrates.

Mundwiler- Campbell 1-0
White plays the speculative 11.Ng5. The computer finds a way to defend after 11...fxg5, but it would have been difficult to find over the board. I was looking at the game live and noticed that
14.Bg8+ is a mate in 4. White opted to win a rook - which is equally good.

Milord- Boron 0-1
White got his move order mixed up and drops a piece early.

Leor Wasserman - Kernetsky 0-1
If the scoresheet is correct - White overlooked Black's d5 pawn at move 15.

Lauritson- Magnusson 1-0
17...Be7 leads to material loss; 17...Ne6 had to be tried to block the attack on f7.

Wierda-Levesque 0-1
We have only the first 26 moves of the game

Menard- Green 0-1
White drops a piece early.

Greenberg-Gibbons 1-0
Despite Black's unorthodox opening, he still has a playable position until he blunders a rook.

Leah Green - Swift 1-0
I think this makes three blundered rooks for the round.

Lipic-Keer 1-0
White was in total control until he got too clever with 38.Ba3. After 38...Qe7 he has to win the game again in the queen ending.


Unknown said...

If the game between Wierda and Levesque is accurate up to move 26 for Black, that game should've been White's. After 26...Kh7?? 27. Nfg5!! wins outright.

Chess Manitoba said...

Well, yes, that is why we should wait for the complete game score.
Even without that tactic, there is no point to Kh7.