Friday, April 24, 2009

April 2009 TNT Round 3

Babb-Boron 0-1
Somewhere around move 18 my position seemed almost resignable, but I thought there is no harm in playing a few more moves to see what happens. I thought 20. Qxh7 gives a White a pawn over the game variation, and at the time I thought White could then shove his g-pawn or h-pawn down the board (Rybka 3 indicates even that is not hopeless for Black). In the game after 22. Qxc7+, Black has survived the worst of it, is only a pawn down, and has some chances for counterplay. After Black is able to play 29...Rxb2, his a-pawn will decide the game.

Kernetsky-Kaptsan DRAW
Pushing the pawn to e6 on move 17 or 18 would be a serious try for advantage.
Game score is muddled so I will reserve further comments until later.

Mundwiler-Pottinger 1-0
A game rich with tactics. While I was in dire straits on Board 1, I could observe this game with great interest at its critical stage. After 36... Rxb3

White has a lot choice here. I thought 37. Rxe7+ Qxe7 38. Nf5+ was winning, but I missed that after Rxg3+, Rh8 will mate White. The obvious 37. Bxb3 seems solid enough. White plays 37.Nh5+ which is also very good. But after 37...Kh8 38. Bxg6 Qxg6 provides resistance.
38. Rxf6 is much better, as 38...Nxf6 39.Qh6+ mates. Black has good chances of a draw in a R vs. N ending, but misses 51...c3.

Khedkar- Jim Green 1-0
15. Rae1 is the first new move. 33...Re7 is the beginning of the end, 33...Rc8 with dangerous counterplay is preferred.

Einarsson -Rutter 1-0
White holds a nagging edge throughout and grinds out the endgame.

Campbell - Aaron Green 0-1
17...b6 is a novelty. White is winning throughout until 37.Bxf6. If he played 37.Bf1, he would have still held an edge.

Greenberg - Magnusson DRAW
20...Rb8 would have likely netted the full point for Black.

Levesque - Arie Wasserman 0-1
White finesses himself into trouble. Simple chess with 22. Rxd6 and I still prefer White.
However, later Black allow White to play the nice 27. Nxd5+, which should win if followed up by 28.Qxd5+ with a long forced sequence that wins back the piece, and a few pawns.

Czarny- Leah Green 0-1
Simple chess. White allows Black into d2, Black wins a pawn, and pushes a passer to queen.
White surprised me by not playing 12. 0-0-0+ with Nd5 to follow, with a pleasant game.

Milord - Evans 0-1
Black's win of the exchange is enough.

Trinidad-Ott 1-0
Black get the classic trap position of the Albin Counter-Gambit but doesn't pull the trigger !
7...fxg1(N)+ is the winning move. White dodges that and goes on to win.

Kumaragamage - Leor Wasserman 0-1
White succumbs to a mating attack.

Game score is muddled

Keer- Wierda 0-1
Incomplete game score

Menard-Gibbons 0-1
Lorne shows that he can play mistake free chess if he restrains his creative impulses.

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