Tuesday, June 30, 2009

May TNT Round 4

Lipnowski - Nikouline DRAW
A fighting draw. The computer finds a winning try for Black around move 41 involving pushing the pawn to c2 which keeps the knight at home, then winning the f5 pawn, and finally marching the king over to the queenside.

Vincent - Kaptsan 1-0
This game is identical to Vadasz - Czina, Hungary 1991. Black misses a tactic.

Aaron Green - Waldemar Schulz 0-1
17...Rfe8 is the first new move ! White gets overloaded defending various threats and drops a piece.

Mundwiler - Czypinski DRAW
Tissir (2394) preferred 10.Qg4 in 1996. A hard fought draw.

Kernetsky - Leor Wasserman 1-0
White's large lead in development bears fruit early.

Boron-Dawa 0-1
Of course I intended 23. d5, but at the last moment I thought I had time to play 23. Rab1, not realizing that my c4 pawn was hanging until it was too late. I also had planned 30. Rxd5 but noticed that 30...Rxf2 is a good retort.

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