Sunday, June 21, 2009

Team Active Results

Jim Lauritson, Shashika Kumaragamage, Aron Kaptsan (missing: Harley Greenberg)

Fifth Element lost to the out- of -contention Slowpokes in the last round, which allowed
Kaptsan Kourageous to pass them, and also allowed Deep Junior to catch them.

Special thanks to Stephen Lipic who worked many hours to form as many teams as possible.

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot

1Kaptsan Kourageous
6997W6W4L2W7W5 4.0

2The Fifth Element
7032W3W8W1D5L4 3.5

3Deep Junior
6831L2W10W6D4W9 3.5

4The Slowpokes
7100W9L1D7D3W2 3.0

5Notre Dame
6966D7W6W8D2L1 3.0

7094L1L5L3W10W8 2.0

7MARS invaders
7084D5W9D4L1L10 2.0

8Dark Knights
6950W10L2L5W9L6 2.0

9Team Letain
7026L4L7W10L8L3 1.0

10High Brow Chess
7082L8L3L9L6W7 1.0

1 comment:

Zug said...

wow what a gorgeous trophy!!
good work Sashikas!