Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 US Open in Madison (Middleton), Wisconsin

Sorry for the delay, I am just getting around to reporting on the US Open that several of us from Winnipeg attended in late July, early August.  Waldemar Schulz, Jim Green, Ken Einarsson, Steven de Groot and myself made the approximately 10-hour trip south.

I think our results are nothing to write home about (From 9 rounds, Schulz had 4 points, Green 3.5, everybody else 4.5), so there won't be much to report there.
Full Crosstable.

The location, however, was very enjoyable. Jim, Ken and Steve stayed at the tournament hotel.
Waldemar and I were a parking lot away - at the Comfort Suites; I would venture a guess that we were no further away from the actual playing hall.

Across the street from the hotels, was the pleasant eatery, pub /bar Schprecher's that seemed to host a band on the patio almost every evening. Unfortunately, this invariably coincided with our playing schedule, so we had some meals there, but that was about it.  Our hotel had a free (one drink) happy hour, but it did not commence until shortly before the evening rounds, so we passed.

 Just to left is a covered outdoor patio that hosted live bands every night.
A few yards further to the left is green space - a corn field!

The view outside Jim's room.

  So, the scenery was better than our chess.  Waldemar and I ventured out to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Exhibit

 Getting back to the tournament site - I spied this trophy - alas 1973 indicates John Burstow won the North-West Open - a great achievement during Fischermania 1

Saturday -  National Mustard Day ! at the site of the National Mustard Museum.   I kid you not - Waldemar and I checked it out.

Analyzing the day's games.

Chess content to follow

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