Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2016 Gibraltar Pairs Blitz - January 29

This was a fun event that started at 9 pm. The rules were that teams were to be composed of two players averaging no more than 2300 ELO, players were to alternate moves, and team members could not speak to each other (although, "oh, is it my move?" was heard often)

I (1915) teamed with one of my flatmates,  Magnus Kristinsson (1776) to form Chess Tourists (1846) 

We ended up with 4 points (2 points for a win)

but a close examination of the crosstable will show that we scored a big upset over Rudd Star Belgrade (2236)  in Round 1 (their only loss!) . 

Here are some pics from Sophie Triay. Magnus is in the blue blazer at lower right, and I am beside him with the brown shirt and red lanyard.strap.

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