Thursday, September 27, 2007

September TNT Round 4

Kaptsan - Schulz DRAW

Waldemar had a 1/2 point lead over the field, so needed only a draw to secure a piece of first place.
Aron pressed early, but Waldemar defended very well. Gradually black developed a small advantage; in the meantime Wie and Oberton drew, so the draw secured first place for Waldemar.

Oberton - Wie DRAW
Winawer French without Qg4 let to a blocked position where aggression by either side could backfire.

Gary Campbell - Boron 0-1

Albin Counter Gambit -- Up to 7. h3 they were following Alekhine - Lasker, St. Petersburg 1914. Lasker played 7...Bxf3 instead of the game's 7...Be6. My move is apparently the worst of several alternatives, and should be countered by 8.b4. Most of the pieces came off, and by move 22 it was a Rook and pawn endgame where Black stood better.

Kwiatek - Silva 1-0

Jordan sacrificed an exchange early, but Silva hung a knight with 34...Qe8, instead 34...Qf5 wins material.

Magnusson - Huyhn 1 -0

Who can stop the Magnusson express ? Saul finished with 3 to win the class prize.
Kaptsan, Boron, Oberton, Wie, and Kwiatek scored 3 to share second behind Schulz's 3.5

Tang - Rutter

Blair swapped two of his minors for a rook, but his remaining pieces were uncoordinated.
Ed finished it off with a nice move.

White to move

28. Ng6+

Khedkar - Greenberg DRAW

This game started out slow, but later generatedsome interesting positions/tactical possibilities.

From a fairly even position where nothing special was happening, Harley played the shocking 19...Nxh2

and after 20. Kxh2 Qh4+ 21. Kg1 Qxd4 22.Qxe8 Kh7 was down a full rook.

After 23. Be4 f5, Jay has to decide which piece to save. He played 24. Nb3 preserving the knight. However, there is an interesting resource, 24. Rad1 and if 24...Qxc5 25. Rd5 with all sorts of mating or material gain threats. If 25...Qb4 26. Rxf5 !

Anyway, Harley drummed up some counterplay and missed playing a shot that may have given him a favourable endgame.

After 30.Kf2
Harley could have won a pawn/or exchange with 30...Bxg3+

Green - Lipic 0-1

I thought Green had an overwhelming position, but apparently he lost it(the game) in time trouble

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