Sunday, March 2, 2008

January TNT Round 4

January TNT Round 4

Lauritson - Lipnowski 0-1
Interesting game. Shredder 10 likes the pawn sac 15.g5, but I don't see the compensation.
16. e4 may have been a mistake; after 16...d4 17.Nb1 White is cramped.
Perhaps White should have eliminated the knight with 26. Bxc5; instead the knight played a key roll in the ensuing tactics and White quickly lost.

Atem- Mundwiler 0-1
I normally don't comment on openings, but if plays 6.Na3, he must play 7. Nc4 if allowed.
Anyway, Black had great pressure, but it mysteriously dissipated to the point that the position is dynamically equal around move 30. But White blundered on moves 33 and 34 and it was all over.

Liu - Tang DRAW

Weirda - Magnusson 0-1

16.Nxf6? is hard to understand.

And now finally a position worthy of a diagram. Black had a big advantage, but played has just played 26...Rde7 instead of the preferred 26...Rhe7. How does White get back in the game ?

27. Bd6 and White wins back the piece he dropped earlier.

An interesting endgame resulted later. After 53...Rf2 White has chances to salvage the game.
After 54. Ke1 White may be winning !
White played 54. g6 instead, but the same position arose later (but with the pawn on g6).
White did play 56. Ke1 and after 56...d2+ , he did not play 57. Kxf2 which at least draws.

Aaron Green - Letain 1-0
Black's big mistake was 20...Nh5 which gave White a passed pawn on d6 for nothing.
Also, could have considered playing 19...d5.

Lorne Gibbons - Crawford 0-1
Initially I thought 9.Kd2 was a a mouseslip...

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