Thursday, June 12, 2008

June TNT Round 1

Rutter - Vincent 0-1
Black gets to play the best of the Dutch/Nimzo themes.

Babb-Klokow 1-0
John Klokow returns to tournament play, but faces a formidable opponent in Jeff Babb.
Apparently they followed (through some transpositions perhaps) Rubinstein-Duras, Spain 1912 until White varied with 17. Rac1. Black's mistake was the abandoning of his back rank, although he was facing the wrong side of a long grind.

Aaron Green - Nikouline 0-1
Although White's line against the Sveshnikov is unusual he maintains an equal position into the endgame. The draw is probably still obtainable with 49. Rxd6, but he chose a different way that lost at least 2 tempii and by then he is lost with best play by Black. However in the game, 57. c5 gives White another chance to draw.

Mundwiler - Evans 1-0
Tactics, Tactics (I'll have more about that in a future post) And positional play, 9...f6 is bad, and actually ends up giving Black one big tactical headache, although surprisingly it is survivable with 19...Nc6.

Letain - Lauritson 0-1
16. Bxg7 is a bit mysterious, but White had chances to hold with 25. Nd1

Kernetsky - Gibson 1-0
Black gets punished for exposing his castled king with f5 and g5.

Kuropatwa -Bince 0-1
White shows some nice imagination with 24. Nxf7(although the unplayed 24...Nxg4 refutes it); unfortunately he misses something on the next move.

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