Saturday, June 28, 2008

June TNT Round 4

Vincent - Lauritson 1-0

A very nice attack starting with 19. Bxh6.
It appears that Black's problems started with 8...Bh4, which gave White several tempo for the attack. My engine indicates that 9...Re8 is preferable to 9...a6, but initially I couldn't see why. The point however is that the bishop is able to escape to e4 if White plays similar to the game with g4, d4, f4.

Babb - Kernetsky 0-1
White's attacking chances dissipate, while Black gets counterplay on the c file.

Nikouline - Bince 0-1
Nice game by Black - White's queenside weaknesses were too much.

Wiebe - Evans 1-0
Black had numerous chances but couldn't find the right moves.

Mundwiler - Greenberg 1-0
Black gets in a heap of trouble along the f-file- perhaps 10...f5 was necessary.

Aaron Green - Klokow DRAW
In an unbalanced position the players repeated the position.

Gibson - Letain DRAW
Black wins a second pawn, but for some reason does not play 16...Bf5 keeping it. He could have regained the two pawn advantage with 23...Qb6+ and 24..Bxa2. And again later with 26...Qxc3
Black's last chance for a clear win was 37...Kf4 instead of Ke4

Gibbons - Kuropatwa 0-1
White helps crack open the queenside

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