Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August TNT Round 3

Nikouline - Kernetsky 1-0

It look likes Black could have solved his problems with 26...Bxh5 (or on move 28) and Qe8 .
Surprisingly, Black may have drawing chances with 38...Qe4 with the idea of Rh8 in many lines.

Einarsson - Greenberg 0-1

Black plays a model Benoni (with White's cooperation - 10. a4 is played more than 99% of the time).
17...Nxb2 turns out better than it should - 18. Rb1 Nc4 19. Bxc4 bxc4 20. Na4 regains the pawn.

Bince - Babb DRAW
Black wins a pawn, but a knight ending results where ambition could lose.

Rutter- Evans 1-0
Black looks like he was out of ideas as the knight goes on a tour from a reasonable outpost at b4 to d8. Meanwhile White builds up a decisive pawn push.

Aaron Green - Swift 1-0
Black loses his c7 pawn, White has an easy time after that as Black allows the trading of pieces.

Jim Green - Leor Wasserman 1-0
White wins a rook after 16...exf5

Wood - Kyle Vincent 1-0
The power of the pin.

Goodman - Mandusic 1-0
I don't know why Black didn't play 19...Kxh6 (or on several opportunites after that) and then he can operate on the h-file.

Pang -Letain DRAW
A game of missed chances.
13. cxd5 looks like it wins a pawn.
Black misses 22...h6 23. Ne6 Nf3 winning and after say 24. Qf2 Nxe1 25.Qxe1 Qg3+ 26. Kg1 Rxe6 with Bc5 on tap, White can resign.
Black kept up his resistance in the lost ending until White faltered with 66.g7.
66. Rg3 or Kb2 win easily.

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