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Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - August 2, 2008

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - August 2, 2008 from the Winnipeg Free Press

White to mate in 2 (Funk)

So what is going on here ? White has a discovered double check with the rook available.
But perhaps
1. Rf1+ is better, protecting the bishop from the queen, but
1...Rg2 2.Bxg2 hg2
Who put that pawn there ? I didn't see it. LOL

What is White's problem - can't protect f4 and the queen is useless. How about
1.Kxg5 ...Qxh1 stops all the mates because now the R on f3 is hanging.

It now occurred to me that we have a problem protecting the rook on f3 and applying mate after an unimpeded Qxh1. So from what square can we cover the rook and give check ? Answer: g4 with a knight. How do we get there ?
1.Nxh3 this also has the point that the bishop will cover the escape square d5.
1..Qxh1 ends that.

I take a short break and look at the position fresh. How else can we get to g4 ?

so 1.Nxe6 ! now when we play 2.Nxg5 the queen covers d5.
And the other mate available is 2.Re3 if Black covers g5.

(Note: Cecil indicates in his column of August 16 - that the primary solution given in the original source is 1. Qa8. Yes that does work. When there is an alternate solution (as above), unintended by the composer, it is known as a cook. Problems that have cooks are said to be cooked.)

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Glenn Wilson said...

And, 1.Nxe6 Kd5 2. Rf5#.
Interesting problem.