Sunday, August 17, 2008

George Anderson

Blair Rutter broke the sad news August 7 that George Anderson had passed away:

"The Manitoba chess community is saddened to learn of the passing of George Anderson earlier this week . George's colourful character was matched by his colourful play. He was especially known for his unconventional opening play, particularly the Orangutan (b4) opening. I was among many who fell victim at least once to this unusual attack.

George will also be remembered for opening his home to out-of-towners who came to play chess in Winnipeg. His last rated tournament appears to have been the Abe Yanofsky Memorial in 2007 in which he scored a respectable 3.0 out of 5.0 including a win over Jim Green and a draw against Jordan Kwiatek. Thank you George for adding considerable flair to Manitoba chess. You will be missed. "

I took a look at George's tournament record.
It appears that he played in his first rated event in the Manitoba Open of
2002, achieving a very respectable provisional rating of 1542. He was one of Winnipeg's most
active players, participating in close to 80 rated events up to his last
event the Abe Yanofsky Memorial of 2007.

He was a dangerous opponent - his victims included:
Gannon, Plocek, Reimer, Shome, Lange, Lorne Gibbons, Wasney, Trueman, Pottinger, Gibson, Proulx, Kohalmi, Tetrault, a young Zaczek, Hoogeveen-Rutter, Rutter, de Groot, Silva, Czarny, Rumpel, Mcpherson, Bist, Cheyne, Jim Green, Wood, the Wassermans, Crawford, Booth, Khedkar, Prince, amongst many others.

He had upset draws with Greenberg, Van Wyk, Joven, Kwiatek.

Personally, he gave me a huge scare in the first round of the 2004 Icelandic Invasion
I was able to squeeze out a draw in the ending, after George had outplayed me earlier.

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