Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - February 14, 2009

From the Winnipeg Free Press

Mate in 3 (Shinkman)

Well, queening looks too obvious, and if you try it, it will not work.
After ...Kxa5, the b6 is available so perhaps.
1. a8(N) Kxa5 2. e8(R) Kb5 3. Rd5#

but 1...Kc5 and the K can run.

1. e8(R) Kc5 2. a8(Q) Kb5 3. Qd5#


Unknown said...

a8(Q) not a1(Q).

Chess Manitoba said...

Yes. Thanks.
I have now corrected it.

Anonymous said...

should be e8 (R) not d8 (R)

Chess Manitoba said...

And thank you !
Good to know someone is reading this !