Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February TNT Round 4

Wiebe, D. - Kernetsky, M. 1-0
Black should have considered 15...Bxd6 to eliminate one of White's attackers.
White could have wrapped up the game early with 19. Nxe7 Nxe7 20. Ng5 threatening two different mates. Only move is 20...h6 (note that 20...Qg6 fails to 21. Qxh7+ !) 21. Nf7+ Kh7
22. e6 (with the threat 23. Rxg7+) Ng6 23. Qh5.
In the game, Black has to try 26...Qf4+, when White has some work to do to get the full point.

Green, J. - Swift, R. 1-0
White plays a dubious novelty 10. bxc3, spurning the better 10. Nxc3.
Black drops his c pawn (27...c4 would have kept it on the board).
White could have wrapped this one up earlier as well with 30. Rxc6 bc6 31. d7.
Black would have had good chances to save the opposite colour bishop ending with 46...g6.

Mundwiler, L. - Green, A. 1-0
Black's pawn on f4 was serving to block the diagonal, but 28...f3 gives life to White's black square bishop.
31...Ke8 is the last mistake.

Lauritson - Lipic 1-0
Black's opening leaves a lot of weak squares; he had to try 14... Rf6 to try to cover e6.

Rutter, B. - Campbell, G. 1-0
Black may have resigned a bit early; he has some compensation in development for his lost pawn.

Trueman, F. - Czarny, K. 0-1
White plays his usual setup but it is not effective against an early f5.

Evans, B. - Goodman, C. 1-0

Ott, R. - Milord, F. 0-1
White sacrifices a piece, but Black consolidates easily.


Anonymous said...

I just seen in the Wpg Free Press today (Feb 4) that Costales had passed away at the age of 94

Dave Langner

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to Costales Obit on the free press http://www.passagesmb.com/obituary_details.cfm?ObitID=146071


Chess Manitoba said...

Yes, I saw it at lunch hour. Thanks,
I will be starting a new blog entry that I will edit as new information comes in. Apparently there will be a longer obituary on Thursday.