Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cecil's Saturday Puzzle - January 31, 2009

From the Saturday Winnipeg Free Press
White to mate in 5 (Loyd)

Here is my basic try - stalemate the Black pieces (except one of them), move the g pawn, then mate with Bg2+.

1.Ra1 Be5 2.g3 Nf4 3.Bc8 Ng2 4.Bb7 Bxa1 5.Bxg2#

But 1...Nf4 spoils all that;

1.Ra1 Nf4 2.Bc8 Ne2 3.Bb7 Nd4 4.Rc1 Nb3 5.Rd1
Nc5 6.Ke2+ Be1 7.Rxe1#

But it was correct idea (well, quite frankly it is the only idea), but wrong rook move.
The answer is:

1. Rf8 Nxf8
[1... Nf4 2. Rxf4 Bxf4 3. g3 Be3 4. Bg2#;
1... Ne5 2. Ke2 Nf3 3. Rxf3 Bf2 4. Rxf2 Rg1 5. Rf1#]
2. Bf5 Ng6 3. Bxg6 Bf2 4. g3 Bxg3 5. Be4#

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