Monday, September 17, 2007

September TNT Round 2

In general, lots of strange chess !

However, I did discover some surprising moves with some silicon help.

Kaptsan - Liu DRAW

I thought Aron had some initiative, but he missed a quiet killer.

After Black played 28...Ke8 we arrive at the posititon below:

White to move...
Hint ...Where can the Black Queen safely move ?

Answer ...nowhere.

So the computer likes 29. Nb3 with the idea Nd2.
(The computer also likes 29. a4 but it results in a line that
is very complicated
and why bother when Nb3 is simple) Black is helpless !
However, Aron played 29. Nxc6

The game reduced to a R and pawns endgame and the players agreed to a draw
(although Aron indicated later that he should have played on).

Kwiatek - Oberton 0-1

Key moment:

Black has just played 10...Qb6, threatening the pawn on b2 and
indirectly d4 (Nxe4).

Jordan replied 11. Qd2 and subsequently lost the exchange. But 11.Nc2 is the
move as the b2 pawn is taboo.
As 11...Qxb2 is answered by 12.Na5

Silva - Boron 0-1

I (Boron) got fixated on a few ideas, leaked a few tempo here and there and
misjudged the relative value of my c pawn versus Silva' b pawn.
Plus I wanted to win. My last chance for equality was 33...Bxb6.
Silva played well throughout and ended by TNT undefeated streak at 13 games.
(I was curious, so I looked back and discovered that I had lost
only 2 of my last 26 TNT games up until this loss. But I had deserved
to lose at lose
at least another 6 of those !)

Khedkar - Green 1-0

By move 19, the boys were down to a double rook and pawns ending.
Jim pressed too hard to win and lost.

Einarsson - Magnusson 0-1

Ken had a decisive advantage until he threw it away with 15.Nxd5.
Perhaps he missed that Saul had 16...Bb4+ freeing the Queen,
or even one move earlier 15...Qa5+

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Nigel Hanrahan said...

Tony: I thought (with the help of Fritz) that playing 27... Rb6, simply blocking the advanced of Romeo's b-pawn, and then piling up on the pawn might have given you an edge in the game.