Thursday, September 6, 2007

September TNT Round 1

When I left the University, I thought that there were good chances that at least one of the remaining 4 games would be drawn. I was wrong !

Green - Tang 1-0

White had a positional advantage through most of the game. I think Black could have achieved at least a draw with 50...Qxe5, but at this point the clock may have been a factor for the players. Given Ed's reluctance to play 54...Qxg7, I can only surmise that he was playing for the win. However, Jim was able to exchange Queens in a more favorable postion and was able to Queen his remaining pawn

Schulz - Campbell 1-0

From an equal position, Gary missed activating his pieces with 24...Bg4 and drifted into a difficult position a pawn down.

Huynh-Kaptsan 0-1

Oberton- Einarsson 1-0

Daniel with his King's Gambit had achieved a huge postional advantage and after 16...Qc8. The computer prefers 17. Bh6 over the game's Nxg4, although the game move is ok also.

Ken fought his way back to a Queen and pawn endgame a pawn down which provided drawing chances. After 39. Qc8+, Kf7 appears to hold the draw. Black is attacking the pawn on b4 and a and a back rank mate.
But the game continued 39...Kg7 40. Qc3+ followed by h3 and Daniel covered both threats, and won 10 moves later.

Lipic -Khedkar DRAW

This game had an interesting finish. As Waldemar said, "It's dejavu all over again !". (Referring to the game Raihman - Boron from the Yanofsky on Sunday) After 54. h7 Black has many ways to win. White's only chance is stalemate.

However, Black played 54...d1(Q) and the stalemate is set up. As Jay noted after the game, 54...d1(R) is good enough. (The comp also finds 54...Na5 mating in six moves)

Boron- Trueman 1-0

Evans - Rutter 0-1

Liu - Letain 1-0

I am not sure why Black sacrificed his knight on move 27. The ending was tough but resistance was possible.

Gibson - Kwiatek 0-1
I had problems with game score; perhaps one of the players could send us a revised score.

Silva - Magnusson 1-0

When I left the University I thought that Saul had a draw by repetition. I was curious to see the conclusion. However Alex indicates the game score had problems. So if either player can shed some light it would be appreciated.

Bye - Greenberg

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